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Ficha de Trinito

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  • Nombre: Trinito
  • Clase Gato
  • Desde 30-6-2015
  • Sexo Macho 
  • Edad 8 años 
  • fecha de nacimiento 2/2013 
  • Raza común europeo 
  • Tamaño Mediano 
  • Localidad Ayamonte  (Huelva)
  • Situación Refugio 
  • ID 194 





Fue abandonado en un solar donde no podía salir, sin agua y sin comida, lo encontraron totalmente deshidratado y sin fuerzas.

Trinito es un gato muy tranquilo, independiente, siempre va detrás de ti, le gusta sentarse a tu lado y le gusta jugar.
Se lleva bien con perros y con gatos, aunque es un poco pegoncete.
Le gustan las caricias y los besos, pero no le gusta que lo cojan en brazos.

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With his stylish black and white markings, our Trinito looks like a gentleman from
the past: he seems to wear a little black jacket, white shirt and pants, and of
course a black top hat! His cute pink little nose finishes off the look!
Good-looking Trinito is one of the mature cats at the shelter. He was not doing
well when we brought him in. We found him on an abandoned plot, where he
could not get out and where he was left without food or water. This poor soul
was completely dehydrated and malnourished when we got to him, and very
weak. But look at our gorgeous boy now!
Trinito is a very quiet and independent cat. He likes to follow the volunteers
around, to sit next to them and to play with them. They can caress and kiss him,
but Trinito does not like being held. He gets along well with dogs and cats, and
can be a little ‘bossy’ at times.
If you would like to give Trinito his second chance in life, please send us an e-
mail at

Quieres ser su angel de la guarda y darle esa oportunidad que tanto  se merece?

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